Majestic Costa Rica

Centering yourself on a yoga mat or surfboard, ascending misty volcanic peaks or descending into bat-filled caves, ziplining, biking, or hiking – your return date is your only limit. This rich coast stands far apart from its neighbors on so many trends: sustainable tourism, farm-to-table restaurants, and surfing. Some colleagues of mine who run a dumpster rental company couldn’t stop raving about their recent trip to Costa Rica. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with about half a million species – from insects to anteaters that eat them. Here are the top experiences in Costa Rica.

White-Water Rafting
A dedicated adrenaline junkie can easily cover some exhilarating river mile in the space of some days in this country. For those that can’t do them all, you can pick a river: Tenorio, Seapiqui, Reventazon, or Pacuare. Any of these rivers make for fun runs as there are rapids ranging between Class 1 and Class 5, and all have stretches that let rafters to take in the animal life and lush jungle scenery. All you need is a helmet, a lifejacket, and some chutzpah.

Hot Springs & Volcan Arenal
Although the molten night views are long gone, this perfectly conical and mighty giant is still active and worthy of a visit. Bathed in sunshine or shrouded in mist, Arenal has many beautiful trails visitors can explore and, at its base, you are just a short drive from its several hot springs. Many of the springs are free, and any local can point you in the right way.

Southern Caribbean Coast
By day, hike to waterfall-fed pools, snorkel off uncrowded beaches, lounge in a hammock, and visit the remote territories of the Kekoldi and Bribri. By night, dip into Caribbean cooking and at open-air bars sway to reggaeton. The villages of Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and Cahuita, all outposts of this mix of indigenous Tico and Afro-Caribbean culture are the ideal, laid-back bases for such adventures on the southern coast of the Caribbean.

Wildlife Watching
Mind-boggling biodiversity, dedication to environmental protection, and world-class parks allow Costa Rica to harbor a wide variety of endangered and rare species. Costa Rica is one of the world’s best wildlife-watching destinations. Regardless of where you travel, the branches are usually alive with critters from mischievous monkeys and lazy sloths as well as tropical birds.

Poas Region
Poas is about one hour northwest of the country’s capital. It is a fairytale region of hydrangea-lined roadsides and verdant mountains. Although the volcano activity of 2017 has closed the volcano site, it is a sulfurous and spectacular site worthy of a pilgrimage. The winding drive takes you past coffee plantations and strawberry farms. At La Paz Waterfall Gardens, you can hike to waterfalls, and experience wild cats, tropical birds, and rescued monkeys.

The New 7 Wonders of Nature

Our planet is blessed with abundant wonders of nature, too many to even count because every country boasts more than a dozen of this wonderment. But a stunning 500 million votes from all over the world were cast just to rank the top 7 out of the millions that we have. Last November 2011, we have hailed the New 7 Wonders of Nature.


The mighty Amazon Rainforest and River is undoubtedly one of the world’s precious wonder of nature. It’s a vast rainforest paradise that houses a third of all known species on Earth. The large fauna and flora of the rainforest is a vital part of the world’s biodiversity and is essential for out planet’s survival.


Ha Long in Vietnamese means “descending dragons”, and dragons are very pivotal in Vietnam’s history and beliefs. The bay is dotted with towering limestone karsts covered with lush greeneries and surrounded by emerald waters. There are 1600 islets and most of them are uninhabited with majestic caves and own lakes that can be explored through kayaking and boat tours.


Iguazu Falls is a collection of 275 individual waterfalls which fits its name Iguazu meaning “big water” in Guarani language. This spectacular wonder of nature is divided into two countries the Brazilian side for getting the best vantage point and the Argentinian side for exploring and experiencing the waterfalls.


In the island of Palawan is where this world-famous subterranean river is located. The river runs 8.2 kilometers long and is under a 30-million year old limestone karst formation. There are a lot of prominent rock formations inside the cave, which is accessible by riding fiberglass boats on a 45-minute tour.


Indonesia is an archipelago made up of 17,508 islands, and one of the most famous of these is the Komodo Island. The largest lizard on Earth, the Komodo dragon, is an endangered species that resides in this island. But aside from the popular Komodo dragons, the island is also boasting a pristine pink beach that came from crushed red corals mixed with powdery white sand.


Even through winter, Jeju Island has a moderate weather making it a famous tourist destination in South Korea. This volcanic island is home to the world’s most elaborate lava cave system making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also houses the highest mountain peak in South Korea which is the Hallasan.


This plateau is the most noticeable landscape when you visit Cape Town, it’s so prominent that it’s even on their flag. Table Mountain is home to more than a thousand floral specie and is full of hiking trails that can get you up-close and personal with the endemic animals that resides here.

5 Most Remarkable Things to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia is best known for its ancient temples, but it has a lot more to offer than these majestic places of worship. Cambodia is part of the Southeast Asian region and is blessed with sunny weather most days of the year, add in the glorious landscapes and pristine beaches, you’ll surely enjoy the adventure it offers.


This definitely tops the list of all the best places to see in Cambodia. When you’re here it’s like journeying back through time to the 12th century when Khmer empire was at its peak. This massive UNESCO World Heritage Site is sprawling with relics and ruins of ancient temples, and to enjoy going around, you can either hire a tuktuk or just rent a bicycle to get you through the twists and turn of this magnificent structure. The beauty of the sunset and sunrise is magnified here, that is why as early as 5 AM there are already tourists flocking the area.


If you’re a fan of the arts and theater, this is a perfect fit for you. Experience Cambodia’s counterpart for Cirque de Soleil – Phare the Cambodian Circus. The performers who are mostly Cambodian youth showcase their talents in inspiring performances with relevant social messages based on their personal struggles and hardships. Booking tickets ahead would be a great idea since it’s sold out most of the time.


The waters of Koh Rong sparkle like there are millions of stars underneath, this rare phenomenon is due to bioluminescent planktons invading the sea. Boat trips are abundant in the beaches and will help you find the best spot to witness this breathtaking spectacle.


Khmer Rouge forces cruelty was preserved in this old school now turned into a Genocide museum. Tuol Sleng’s walls have witnessed the gruesome torture and murder that took place inside the school. This may be an eerie experience but it helps you understand the sad history of Cambodia and what the people had to endure during this time. Inside each rooms are human bones, pictures of victims and torture equipment used, completing the whole experience would be a guided audio tour to explain tidbits of history of this place.


Cambodian cuisine is something you must try because if you’re the adventurous foodie, they have a lot of exotic foods to offer. Best example for this is the deep fried tarantulas sold as street foods together with other creepy crawlies like crickets, grasshoppers, silk worms and tree ants.

Top 5 Things to Do in Siargao, Philippines

This small gem of an island, shaped like a tear-drop in the southeastern part of the Philippine Sea, is fast becoming a tourist magnet. The fortress of coconut trees towering over the powdery white sand contrasting to the azure blue waters is a picture of a piece of heaven, and indeed it is. Siargao is a piece of heaven and learn here why a lot of tourists go gaga over this place. Read through the top 5 things to do in Siargao, Philippines.


Siargao is popularly known as “the surfing capital of the Philippines” and of course, the best activity when you visit the island would be to surf. Each year on the month of September, the “Cloud 9 Surfing Cup” is held here, and that would be one of the busiest month of the year for this little island. The waves here are present all year round since it is facing the vast Pacific Ocean. Fear not if you don’t know how to ride the waves because there are tons of surfing lessons made available almost anywhere in the island.


If you’re really not into surfing, you can just stroll over the iconic long Cloud 9 Boardwalk and Viewing Deck and watch the seasoned surfers do a trick or two. Or you can just chill idly on one of its railings and just breathe in the fresh sea air and watch the glowing sunset in the afternoon.


This emerald lagoon is surrounded by thick lush greeneries and is a quick trip away from the regular beaches. Although it’s a famous spot in Siargao, it rarely gets overly crowded because the place is too vast; you could easily find a spot to chill. If you want to inject some thrill on your trip, there is a 10 meter diving board propped up on a lagoon dock and you can definitely try diving ala Olympic diver into the turquoise waters of Sugba Lagoon.


If you want to see these rock pools, you need to time your visit perfectly because you can only see these marvelous pools during low tide. When exposed, you could spend your time exploring this little paradise or do what a lot of adventure seekers usually do, they cliff dive.


Feel the cool zephyr against your cheeks when you decide to rent a motorbike and drive around this majestic island. Along the way you will fine even more amazing things like drinking from freshly picked coconuts, stopping for some photos of the lovely palm forest or the breathtaking sunsets, meet the smiling and kind locals, and just enjoy discovering the simple hidden gems of the island.

Top 5 Places to See in Transylvania

Transylvania is notoriously famous to be the place of Count Dracula. The place is always mentioned in horror movies depicting vampires and evil creatures. But what exactly is there in Transylvania? This Romanian region is far from the horror depicted in tales and films because in reality, it’s one of the most picturesque place in Europe. A mix of medieval charm and wild natural beauty. Here are the top 5 places to see when you happen to visit Transylvania.


This medieval fortress is said to be the home of Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s tale. This beautiful castle is full of mystery and intrigue from yesteryears, and unsurprisingly it is the most famous landmark in the whole of Romania, and the most touristy, too.  Now, this part of Romanian history is a museum that displays the art collection of Queen Marie.


In a country full of castles, Peles Castle may not be the most popular but it can certainly be argued as the most beautiful of all. This Romanian Castle is like a palace straight from a fairytale movie with the Neo-Renaissance style intricately detailed both inside and out. The scenic backdrop of this little village of Sinaia was what King Carol I fell in love with and right then and there decided to construct his castle on that spot.


Tagged to be “the best driving road in the world”, its twists and turns and breathtaking views of Carpathian Mountain Ranges are enough reasons to agree that this is indeed a driver’s paradise. This paved mountain road is a challenging drive for riders of all kinds of vehicles (and even hikers, too), with its sharp uphill climb, hairpin curves, steep downhill and long S curves.


This charming city in Transylvania region is a picture perfect place full of colorful architecture and bursting with Romanian culture. This is the real birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration of the fictional Dracula character. This attractive town has a lot of picture worthy places with its cobblestone streets, small art galleries, pavement cafes and pastel-colored buildings; an Instagram haven.


Visiting the world’s deepest underground amusement park is a must-see place when visiting Transylvanian region. This enormous salt mine was dug during medieval era and now serves as a museum and an amusement park, 400 feet below the ground. The attraction includes a Ferris wheel, mini-golf course, spa, sports centers, and a boating lake.